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John was working on a Chemical Mixture whose weight comprise 90% liquid and 10% solid. The total weight of the mixture is 20 pounds. After a while, John noticed that some of the liquid evaporated and now the liquid comprises just 50% of the weight.

What is the weight of the chemical mixture now?

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    4 Pounds.

    The original composition was 90% liquid + 10% solid. The total was 20 Pounds. That means the mixture was composed of 18 Ponds liquid and 2 Pounds solid. (90%-10%)

    After evaporation, the solid part will remain 2 Pounds, but the liquid is reduced to some ‘X’ pounds. However, this quantity is found to be 50% of the mixture. i.e., the 2 Pound solid part makes the other 50%. Hence, the total weight of the mixture must be 4 Pounds.

    Viji_Pinarayi Expert Answered on 24th September 2022.
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