Evil Joju riddle


Jacob, his daughter, and the evil Joju lived in a city. Jacob was in debt to Joju, and Joju had his eye on Jacob’s daughter. Joju made a proposition: he would place a black stone and a white stone in a bag, and Jacob’s daughter would pick one out in front of the People of city. If she drew the white stone, Joju would forgive Jacob’s debt. If she drew the black stone, Joju would marry Jacob’s daughter. Jacob had no choice but to agree. Jacob’s daughter has no reason to trust Joju, and believes that he will place two black stones in the bag. How can she get out of marrying Joju?

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    She would choose the bag and ask to show the stone in the one she didn’t choose

    Nikhilesh Expert Answered on 23rd April 2020.
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