IAS Puzzle – Meena’s father is Arun


Meena’s father is Arun.
Then Arun is the ________of Meena’s father

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    Answer is a word “Name”.
    That is,
    It means if Arun is Meena’s father then Arun is the Name of Meena’s Father.

    MrPuzzleFry Genius Answered on 9th September 2015.
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    Well, the quesion is

    Arun is the ________of Meena’s father.

    “I’d say Arun  (the word ‘Arun’) is the NAME of Meena’s father, but the question doesn’t identify ‘Arun’ as a word, so my answer would be something like ‘Arun is the son of the father of Meena’s father’…!

    Viji_Pinarayi Expert Answered on 20th November 2015.
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