Santa mistake on Christmas puzzle


Santa distributes 2 gifts to every child in the street at the Christmas evening. He mistakenly gives 4 gifts to some children. If he distributed 50 gifts to 21 children.

How many children got 4 gifts?santa mistake on christmas riddle

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    Here every child gets at least 2 gifts.
    So 21 children gets 21*2= 42 gifts.
    Remaining 8 gifts.
    So 4 of the 21 children gets 4 gifts each.
    Answer: 4 children

    ReadyToPuzzle Scholar Answered on 31st August 2016.
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    suppose ‘x’ no of children having 2 gifts
    and (21-x)having 4 gifts
    then equation become
    solving equation
    we get

    Sanket kore Starter Answered on 8th September 2016.
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