Shock at resturant puzzle


A young lady was approached by an elderly woman who took her hand and meeting her eyes said to her, “You look starkly similar of my daughter. I lost her last month. I loved her a lot. Can you do me a favor? Can you say ‘Goodbye mother‘ as I leave this restaurant. I will feel good if you do.

The young lady was puzzled but seeking her kind eyes, she agreed. As the elderly woman was leaving the restaurant, she said, “Goodbye mother” waving her hand toward her with a kind expression on her face.

Soon after, she got shocked. Can you guess what it was?
shock at resturant by elder lady riddle

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    The old lady told her waitress that her daughter would pay for her meal.  The shock was due to the extra charges on her dinner bill.

    Whizkid Scholar Answered on 24th June 2016.
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    May the elder woman informs to the manager the bill will be paid by her daughter.  So only she requested to the young lady to call her as “Goodbye mother”.  The manager asks the young lady to pay his mother’s bill too.  So only young lady shocked.  The elder woman is fraud too.

    lakshminarayanan Scholar Answered on 10th May 2017.
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