Story of Friends


Out of three Friends John, Jacob and Jonny one of them is a king, one is a bureaucrat, and one is a Spy.

The king always tells the truth, the bureaucrat always lies, and the Spy can either lie or tell the truth.

John says: Jonny is a bureaucrat
Jacob says: John is a king
Jonny says: I am a Spy

Tell me, Who is the king, who is the bureaucrat, and who is the Spy?

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    John is the King, Jacob, the Spy and Jonny is the bureaucrat.

    1. If John was not the King:

    Either Jacob OR Jonny must be the King. However: If Jacob was the King, he must tell the truth, whereas he said that John is the King which is wrong as per assumption. Similarly, if Jonny was the King, he wouldn’t have claimed to be a Spy.  Hence, John MUST be the King.

    Now, what remain to be determined is who among Jacob and  Jonny is a Spy / Bureaucrat

    2. If Jacob was the Bureaucrat (who is a liar):

    He wouldn’t have made the statement “John is a king” which is true. Hence, Jacob must be the Spy.

    From the above, it follows that Jonny, the only person remaining, must be the bureaucrat.


    Viji_Pinarayi Expert Answered on 20th September 2022.
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