What is the reward?

What is the reward given to users who reached the top  and the reward for staying  on  top ?
earlier there was reward of rs 100  i think though i am not sure but i dont know the current reward if there is any ?
Just wanna ask this sherlock holmes .

Shut up yodha u greedy bastard. 🙂

Yodha Expert Asked on 16th February 2019 in Funny.
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    So that is why you wanted the points for being the first to answer a puzzle correctly.
    Most of us just do it for fun.
    At least your reward is the satisfaction of being on top of the list.

    CugelTheWise Expert Answered on 19th February 2019.

    I was on top earlier too but I didn’t took reward but now I think it will not hurt

    on 19th February 2019.
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