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Brain Development by Crazy Brain Teasers & Puzzles

The brain like every cell in the body is alive and active. As much as we need to flex our muscles, for us to grow stronger, we also need to flex our brain cells with teasers and brain puzzles, brain teaser games for adults and kids, brain games, puzzle twisters etc. the mental activities helps us in various ways including improving our concentration level and critical thinking.
Let’s tease our brain with this mind game

Brain teaser 1:
I am something, a lot of people don’t like me, including you. But I’m called upon anytime one is injured. I’m a 5 letter word, and if my last letter is put before 1st letter, I become a name of a country, what am I?

The puzzle or brain teaser above is a practical example of one which will keep you thinking and scratching your head to find the answer. Most times these mind games tend to test our intellectual knowledge and also teaches us logic at the same time. Brain teaser can also be quite very tricky as they tend to divert or distract your attention from the answer possibly by still telling you the answer.
Thinking like that can give you a clue

Brain teaser 2:
I am a 5 letter word if you add more letters to me I become shorter. What am I?

A mind puzzle like that can keep you thinking for a very long time. I know you are thinking very fast now but most times when you read the question very critically and try understanding it holistically then the answer is always nigh. I know you have gotten the answer or are you still thinking of it?

Also, some brain teasers are maths teasers, logics, and puzzles which need arithmetic calculations. These forms of brain twisters need a clear knowledge on numeracy. It can come in various methods and varying presentations.
Let’s Crack this brain buster

Brain teaser 3:
If 1 + 4 = 5
2 + 5 = 12
3 + 6 = 21
8 + 11 =?

These crazy brain teasers can make you get a sheet of paper, and start finding a solution to this mind and brain busters. Alright, I know you are solving already, and you are close to the answer or you have gotten the answer. They are both educative and enhance your memory. I will at this point also mention that solving this brain teaser or not doesn’t hinder the mental exercise that has taken place by answering or attempting to answer the question.

Answering a puzzle or a brain teaser brings an awesome amount of joy, fulfillment, and satisfaction. That is one of the major advantages of brain teasers. They tend to provide us with joy but on the other hand, we might also feel frustrated if we fail to answer any of our brain teasers or puzzles.
Different brain or mind teasers have various functions; hence it is advisable to flex the brain with various brain activities to provide and all round action on the brain cells. These actions can improve our mental strength and help us in thinking faster and induces creativity in our life.

The benefits of brain teasers and puzzles cannot be over emphasized; we not only need them for fun but to reduce dementia. Our brain is one of our biggest assets, we need to guard and keep it as active as possible for proper and effective functionality. If you have not solved a puzzle today then solve this

Brain Teaser 4:
I am the beginning of end, I am the fifth of my family, I appear twice in a week but not in a day, I can be found once in a year but not in a month. What am I?

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