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Funny optical illusions to puzzle you and tease your brain

Here is the collection of most mind blowing and brain frying puzzling optical illusions. All of the images make you to look closer and deeper.

Optical illusions are seen to have a fun time for you and your brain. Photographer, perfect timing and combination of other factors have taken the illusions to a high level through their creativity and art. But you just have to enjoy a bit while relaxing.

Abnormally long beard optical illusion

Its looking like the man is having girlish beard, isn’t it? It is actually a girl who is standing in front of the man. The height is perfectly appropriate to create this illusion.

Abnormally Long girlish Beard romantic illusion

Child’s devil hair optical illusion

We can see a horn growing on the girl’s head. Land is matched perfectly with her parting of hair.

Child devil hair illusion

Flaming fart optical illusion

The flow of flames is emerging right from behind and the positioning of guy makes it funny, and closing his nose with his fingers adds more fun in the picture

Flaming fart illusion

Flipping off guy in the Sea optical illusion

This looks the game of distance, hand is near to camera and the person is far away, rest perfect timing and cameragraphy make it look awesome.

Flipping off guy in the Sea optical illusion

Giant and tiny men Funny optical illusion

The people who are bending down are actually far away than the man whose foot is visible and implying to be crushing them underneath.

Giant and tiny men Funny illusion

Holding own Head optical illusion

How is it possible, ofcourse its an illusion
We guess that the head belongs to someone else who is standing in front of the person. The missing head might be hidden inside the pullover.

Holding Own Head illusion

Too much Pissing baby optical illusion

Poor kid does not even know that he is being captured to create a funny illusion. Wrong timting kid 😛

Too much Pissing baby illusion

Hand’s eaten optical illusion

The man holding the bag by inserting the fingers inside the gap is not even aware of the fact that from a distance it looks like the lady printed on the bag is actually eating his hands.

Hand in mount paperbag

Three legged girl optical illusion

Have you located the vase in her hand yet? Just look at the girl’s hands.
She is holding an empty flower vase whose color matches with the stockings over her legs.

Three legged girl illussion

Touching and biking on the Moon optical illusion

The biker guy have touched the moon, this the the showcase of perfect stunt, camera and timing.

Touching the moon illusion

Funny Physics Bath optical illusion

The man in the bathtub looks to be head and body separated. But its just a funny physics concept

Physics bathtub optical illusion

Dog Operating mobile phone optical illusion

The perfect positioning of dog and the guy makes it look like man faced dog is operating the mobile phone.

Dog Operating mobile Illusion

Salon Gender optical illusion

At salon who is customer and who is Designer, The legs shows that designer is female but the positioning makes her face overriding by the man.

At salon who is customer and who is Designer

At salon who is customer and who is Designer

Kiss on ass optical illusion

Never bow down at bus stop, advertisement could kick you on ass.

Kiss on Ass optical illusion

Coca cola dance optical illusion

The positioning and timing of the guy is so perfect, it looks guy is standing on one leg on coca-cola and may fall from it.

Funny coca cola optical illusion

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