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Army General, accused of high disloyalty, is sentenced to death by the court-martial. He is allowed to make a final statement, after which he will be shot if the statement is false or will be hung if the statement is true. General makes his final statement and is released.

What could he have said?

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    “I am going to be shot.” Therefore they can’t kill him for the statement being false as it will make it true. They also can’t hang him for it will make the statement true. This leaves them with letting him go.

    Seeker008 Expert Answered on 21st October 2018.
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    He would have said this – “This statement is false”  ,
    In this case , if they considered the statement to be true , then the statement would have been again false but then again true , and so on .

    NikNoobSolver Starter Answered on 24th October 2018.
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