How could i measure 45 minutes ?


I have two rectangular wires.
Both of them have property that when i light the fire from one end , it will take 60 minutes to get completely burn.
However they do not burn at consistent speed (i.e it might be possible 1st 20% burn in 50 minutes and 80% can burn in 10 minutes).

So how could i measure 45 minutes ?

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    A) burn 1st wire from both end and 2nd wire from one end

    B) After 30 minutes(when 1st wire gets completely burned out) , burn the second wire from 2nd end as well

    C) when 2nd run completely gets burned , you know its 45 minutes

    anikam Expert Answered on 24th August 2015.

    Since wire does not burn uniformly, it is possible that burning from both ends might not exactly result into 30 minutes, isn’t it?

    on 19th November 2015.
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