Ice cream flavour riddle


A vendor is handing out free ice cream cones in alphabetical order of flavor, each cone being a different flavor. Kids are lined up at the ice cream truck, and you’re first in line! The vendor will hand you ice cream cones one at a time, and you must decide whether to keep the cone or pass it on to the next kid in line. The first cone is guaranteed to be chocolate.

You like all flavors equally, so you want to randomly select a cone with each flavor having an equal chance of being chosen. Unfortunately, you don’t know the total number of flavors, but being the little hipster that you are, you are carrying a pocket calculator which can generate random numbers from 1 to X, where X is a value you punch in. How can you decide which flavor to keep?

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    is this question missing some information? to know the number of flavors you just pass along the cones back to the next kid in line until chocolate flavor comes again.  Or… you can just ask the vendor.  but let suppose there are 76 different ice cream flavors. then, according to the calculator, the only thing you will get is a stomachache!!

    eitan99 Scholar Answered on 1st March 2019.
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