Overweight Ball


There are 8 identical balls. In that one of the ball is overweight. There are only two chances to weigh in the weighing machine. How to find the overweight ball?

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    Take 3 balls each in the first weight.

    If all the 6 are of equal weight, then one of the remaining 2 balls will be overweight.
    In the second weight, this can be known.

    If during the first weight, if one side is heavier, take those 3 balls and weigh any 2 of them in the second chance.
    This will also tell us which is the heavier ball.

    bhola99 Expert Answered on 8th June 2021.

    This answer is valid ONLY IF you use a standard two-pane balance. However, the question says “weighing machine” which does NOT exclusively mean ‘two-pane balance’. It could be a single-pane analog / digital  balance or a spring balance etc. in which direct comparison with other weight is not possible.

    In short, my point is that the question is faulty.

    on 11th June 2021.
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