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  • Santa is getting ready – sorting presents, filling sacks and working out his route to make sure he can deliver all his wonderful presents. The trouble is, every year just before Christmas, the reindeer have nothing to do and mostly stand around getting rather bored. They are always asking if they can help but there’s nothing they can do until Santa’s ready to go.

    This year, Santa is prepared for them and he’s set them a little challenge to help keep them busy. He’s given them the following problem:

    Five children from five different families living in five different counties of England have asked for a different gift each. From the clues, the reindeer have to work out who’s who, where each child lives and what present each has asked for. The first reindeer to solve the problem gets an extra portion of Christmas pudding on Christmas Day!

    1. Neither Cliff, nor Jennifer Feather (who does not live in Yorkshire), lives in Kent.

    2. Young Crawford, who is neither Sarah nor Cliff, asked for the pony (a gift that Santa would have particular difficulty getting down the Crawford family’s chimney!).

    3. Young Rowlands is neither the child who lives in Yorkshire nor the child who has asked for a bicycle.

    4. The gift due for delivery to Cornwall, which is not for the child surnamed Rowlands, is a computer.

    5. Liz, who has asked for the painting set, is not from Kent. Her surname is not Jamison.

    6. The child who lives in Essex has asked for a guitar. Alan lives in Cumbria.

    Children’s first names : Alan, Cliff, Jennifer, Liz, Sarah
    Children’s last names : Crawford, Feather, Jamison, Northey, Rowlands
    Counties : Cornwall, Cumbria, Essex, Kent, Yorkshire
    Presents : Bicycle, Computer, Guitar, Painting Set, Pony

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  • The recent Puzzle fry annual marathon has just taken place. The judges have given up keeping a track of who won, as the results go missing each year. Using the following spectators’ notes, can you determine who finished where?

    • Terry Tipton finished after Lisa Limperton and Betty Brent, but before Michael Miller.
    • Paul Peterson finished before David Dartford and Lisa Limperton.
    • Simone Stevens finished after Paul Peterson and before Jane Jacks and Helen Hall.
    • Kenny Kirkpatrick finished after Paul Peterson, Michael Miller and Terry Tipton.
    • Lisa Limperton finished after Betty Brent and David Dartford, but before Jane Jacks and Michael Miller.
    • Michael Miller finished after Simone Stevens and Betty Brent.
    • Betty Brent finished before Jane Jacks, Michael Miller and Paul Peterson.
    • David Dartford finished before Kenny Kirkpatrick and Terry Tipton, but after Simone Stevens.
    • Jane Jacks finished before Kenny Kirkpatrick, Terry Tipton and Michael Miller, but after Paul Peterson and David Dartford.
    • Helen Hall finished before Michael Miller but after Lisa Limperton, Jane Jacks and Terry Tipton.

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  • Five men, whose names are Bob Edison, Tom Stevenson, Marty Brown, Jim Davis, and John Alberts were being questioned by the police for a crime committed in their local golf house.

    Other detectives have already investigated, they have questioned the suspects, the witnesses, and people who know the suspects and they have collected physical evidence from the crime scene. They have collected the following 14 clues, but have not been able to solve the crime. Therefore, they have called in the world’s greatest detective: YOU, who must now examine the clues and solve the crime for them and find the culprit.

    No two suspects have the same hair colour, weight, height, wife’s first name, or colour shoes.
    The suspect who has red hair weighs 140 pounds.
    Bob Edison is 5 feet 3 inches tall.
    The culprit has a wife named Mary.
    The suspect who weighs 150 pounds is not the one who is 5 feet 9 inches tall.
    The suspect who has a wife named Pam is not the one who has blonde hair.
    Jim Davis was wearing orange shoes.
    John Alberts has black hair.
    The suspect who has a wife named Betty weighs 200 pounds.
    Tom Stevenson weighs 210 pounds.
    The suspect who weighs 200 pounds has no hair.
    The suspect who has a wife named Cathy weighs 140 pounds.
    Marty Brown has brown hair.
    The suspect who has black hair has a wife named Mary.
    The suspect who has no hair is not the one who was wearing orange shoes.

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  • You decide to play a game with your friend where your friend places a coin under one of three cups. Your friend would then switch the positions of two of the cups several times so that the coin under one of the cups moves with the cup it is under. You would then select the cup that you think the coin is under. If you won, you would receive the coin, but if you lost, you would have to pay.

    As the game starts, you realize that you are really tired, and you don’t focus very well on the moving of the cups. When your friend stops moving the cups and asks you where the coin is, you only remember a few things:

    He put the coin in the rightmost cup at the start.

    He switched two of the cups 3 times.

    The first time he switched two of the cups, the rightmost one was switched with another.

    The second time he switched two of the cups, the rightmost one was not touched.

    The third and last time he switched two of the cups, the rightmost one was switched with another.

    You don’t want to end up paying your friend, so, using your head, you try to work out which cup is most likely to hold the coin, using the information you remember.

    Which cup is most likely to hold the coin?

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  • Sonia is going on an extended trip for three weeks. She lives in a remote area where there are frequent electrical power outages which can last up to three or four days. Sonia has quite a bit of food in her freezer which would go bad if it thawed and then re-froze. She does have digital clock and a VCR which would flash 12:00 if the power went out.

    Unfortunately the clock and VCR flash even if the power only goes out for a few seconds.

    What can Sonia do so that when she returns home she will be able to determine whether the power was out long enough to thaw her food?

    Asking a neighbour whether the power was out, isn’t a reliable option because the nearest house is half a mile away, and one house may have power, while another house may have no power. She won’t be able to have a neighbour check on her house every day, and has no one to house sit.

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  • The name of the game is Petals Around the Rose, and that name is significant. Newcomers to the game can be told that much. They can also be told that every answer is zero or an even number. They can also be told the answer for every throw of the dice that are used in the game. And that’s all the information they get.

    The person who has the dice and knows the game, rolls five dice and remarks almost instantly on the answer. For example: in Roll #1 the answer is two.

    Roll #1. 4 1 6 3 6

    “The answer is what?” says the new player.


    “On that roll?”


    “Would it still be two if I moved the dice without turning any of them over, just rearranging the pattern?”

    “I can tell you only three things: the name of the game, the fact that the answer is always even, and the answer for any particular throw. In this case the answer is two.”

    “So that’s how it is. What am I supposed to do?”

    “You’re supposed to tell me the answer before I tell you. I’ll give you all the time you want, but don’t tell me your theory, just the answer. If you figure it out, you don’t want to give the idea away to these other jokers around you. Make them work for the answers, too. If you get the answer right on six successive rolls, I’ll take that as prima facie evidence that you understand the game.”

    “OK, roll again.”

    Roll #2. 5 6 5 4 4

    “I give up. What’s the answer?”

    “The answer is eight.”

    “Roll again.”

    Roll #3. 3 5 5 5 6
    The answer is fourteen.

    Roll #4. 2 6 2 1 4
    The answer is zero.

    Roll #5. 4 3 2 1 3
    The answer is four.

    Roll #6. 6 5 6 2 2
    The Answer is ……?

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  • You are on your way to visit your Friend, who lives at the end of the hill. It is his birthday, and you want to give him the cakes you have made. Between your house and his house, you have to cross 5 bridge, and as it goes in the land of make believe, there is a troll under every bridge! Each troll, quite rightly, insists that you pay a troll toll. Before you can cross their bridge, you have to give them half of the cakes you are carrying, but as they are kind trolls, they each give you back a single cake.

    How many cakes do you have to leave home to make sure that you arrive at friend house with exactly two cakes?

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