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This is a popular probability puzzle in which you have to select the correct answer at random from the four options below.

Can you tell, whats the probability of choosing correct answer in this random manner.

1) 1/4
2) 1/2
3) 1
4) 1/4

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    1) Why can’t be 1/4 :
    If the answer is 1/4, then as we know two out of four answer choices is ‘1/4’, the answer has be 1/2.
    This is a contradiction, so the answer cannot be 1/4.

    2) why cant be 1/2 :
    If the answer is 1/2 then because answer:”1/2″ is 1 out of 4 answer choices, the answer must be 1/4. This is also a contradiction. So the answer cannot be 1/2.

    3) why cant be 1 :
    If the answer is 1 then because answer:”1″ is 1 out of 4 answer choices, the answer must be 1/4. Again the same contradiction and therefore answer cannot be 1.

    Detective Expert Answered on 10th August 2015.
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    number of possible cases = 4
    number of correct cases = 1
    so probability = required/total no of cases
    this is equal to 1/4

    msantoshmadhav Scholar Answered on 13th December 2015.
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