Logical Triplets Statement Riddle


You know three triplets:
1. Eden
2. Thorgan and
3. Kylian

Eden always tells the truth while Thorgan and Kylian always lie.

Kylian needs to return you 100$. You meet one of them on London streets and can ask him one three word question.

What question, will you ask and why?

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    If you ask, “Are you Thorgan?”

    Eden will honestly say no,
    Thorgan will lie and say no
    Kylian will lie and say yes.

    karanvish Starter Answered on 28th December 2017.

    How we will identify between Eden, and Thorgan. Means which one is exactly lying.

    on 27th May 2018.

    We don’t need to identify Eden or Thorgan. Pointing out who is Kylian is the main purpose

    on 12th October 2018.
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