How it is possible?


There are two friends.
Andrew is standing behind Bravo and at the same time Bravo is standing behind Andrew.
How it is possible?



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    They both are standing with their backs faced against one another.
    So from Bravo’s frame of reference, Andrew is behind him.
    And from Andrew’s frame of reference Bravo is behind him at the same time.

    Otherwise you could consider Bravo and Andrew standing on opposite vertices of a diameter of a circle and a person viewing Bravo and Andrew while himself travelling in a circular fashion w.r.t them will feel Bravo is behind Andrew. O no wait! Andrew is Behind Bravo; but again Bravo is behind Andrew and so on!

    Vinayak Scholar Answered on 11th November 2015.
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    Sandy1986 Curious Answered on 11th November 2015.
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    they are moving in a circular path. so it is andrew behind bravo and later bravo behind andrew.

    mvkiran128 Guru Answered on 22nd November 2015.
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