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  • 0 ,2, 2,4,6,10,16………
    Find out the 100th number of the sequence.

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  • In how many ways can you arrange eight queens on a standard chessboard in such a way that none of them is attacking any other?

    Chess-board with eight correctly placed queens

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  • Paul, Sam and Dean are assigned the task of figuring out two numbers. They get the following information:

    Both numbers are integers between (including) 1 and 1000

    Both numbers may also be identical.

    Paul is told the product of the two numbers, Sam the sum and Dean the difference. After receiving their number, the following conversation takes place:
    Paul: I do not know the two numbers.
    Sam: You did not have to tell me that, I already knew that.
    Paul: Then I now know the two numbers.
    Sam: I also know them.
    Dean: I do not know the two numbers. I can only guess one which may probably be correct but I am not sure.
    Paul: I know which one you are assuming but it is incorrect.
    Dean: Ok, I also know the two numbers.

    What are the two numbers?

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  • Fariha, Ononno, Richie each got a prime.
    Suppose the numbers are A,B,C.
    They permute the numbers in the following possible possible ways.
    Each of the permutation itself is a number,and at least four of them are primes!!
    A,B,C are same digit numbers.
    Find out the value of A,B,C!
    If u found many of them, choose them in such a way that the sum of A,B,C becomes minimal!!

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  • Fariha invented a game!
    In that game, Fariha kept 5 plates on a circular dining table!
    The plates were marked as 1,2,3,4,5.
    Fariha had an apple.
    On the first move, she put that apple to the clockwise neighboring plate no 2 from plate no 1.
    On the second move, she moved the apple from no 2 table to no 4 table.
    So on her kth move she actually moved the apple for k positions!
    And after some moves she reached the plate no 1 again.
    Now her friend Nabila put some more plates on the table.
    Now could Fariha find out if it was possible for her to reach plate no 1 again after any number of moves!!!

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  • Ragib: I got digits of a 2 digit number
    Sakib: Is it an odd?
    Ragib: Yes. Moreover, the sum of the digits of the number is a prime!
    Sakib: The difference of the digits of the number is also a prime?
    Ragib: Of course! Last of all, the multiply of the digits is equal to one of the digits!!
    Sakib: Oh no! I know the number. It’s your roll number!
    What is that number!

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  • Mona has a birth day circular cake ,and a clock.
    She invited 7 of her best friends!
    Now she wanted to divide the cake among them fairly.
    Will she be able to divide the cake among her friends!
    If she can do the job, how much time she needs to cut the cake in that way!!!

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  • There are five rooms in a row which are numbered as 1,2,3,4,5.
    One night Fariha was sleeping in one of them.
    Suddenly she woke up.
    Then she went outside.
    She saw a person walking along along the corridor.
    Then she came back, and closed her door.
    Suddenly she felt strange!!
    So she went outside again , but found none.
    Now the person must enter inside a room.

    But could Fariha find out the exact room ,where he entered, in minimal steps?

    If a person enters into a room, it’s adjacent neighbors could hear the noise of the door’s opening/closing!!
    All the room must have a person.
    And at least one of them always speak the false!
    Fariha could only ask one question:
    Did u hear something?
    And all of them can only say in reply:

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  • Nafiza is a very funny girl!
    She plays with numbers.
    All her numbers are rational.
    And she writes the numbers by p/q style.
    Here both p and q are digits!!
    Now her friend Nabila turns all the numbers written in p/q style into points.
    Nabila writes them in the following way:
    Here it’s ensured that before points there must be a zero. A,B,C,D,E and F are zero/nonzero digits!!
    Now Nabila defines a function MULTmin , and declares MULTmin=A*B*C*D*E*F
    And she finds all the MULTmin value of Nafiza’s numbers.
    Then she tells one of her MULTmin value.
    Hearing the value Nafiza understands what is the rational number chosen by Nabila.
    HOW ? Find the way!

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  • Robi is a very serious student.
    On the first day of this year his seriousness for study was 1 hour.
    But after that day he increases his seriousness for study everyday by 10 minutes!!
    On the other hand Fariha is a very crazy girl!!
    On the first day she showed her craziness to her parents for 2 hours!!
    And everyday she decreases her craziness for 2 minutes.

    Now can we find out on which date both Robi and Fariha will become normal again?

    1.His/her seriousness or craziness can’t be negative or more than 24 hours.
    2.After the day, he/she become normal, he/she again starts to increase his/her seriousness/craziness.
    3.Look on the first day Robi was normal but not Fariha.
    4.When he/she reaches the limits he/she, all on a sudden, becomes normal.

    become normal puzzle

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