Fariha’s Closing Door Puzzle!


There are five rooms in a row which are numbered as 1,2,3,4,5.
One night Fariha was sleeping in one of them.
Suddenly she woke up.
Then she went outside.
She saw a person walking along along the corridor.
Then she came back, and closed her door.
Suddenly she felt strange!!
So she went outside again , but found none.
Now the person must enter inside a room.

But could Fariha find out the exact room ,where he entered, in minimal steps?

If a person enters into a room, it’s adjacent neighbors could hear the noise of the door’s opening/closing!!
All the room must have a person.
And at least one of them always speak the false!
Fariha could only ask one question:
Did u hear something?
And all of them can only say in reply:

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    1. Lets assume we live in door no.3 so he is not in 2 and 4
    Go to 5 or go to 1 if not in 5 then 1 and of not in 1 then 5
    Only 1 door asked

    2.Now let’s assume we leave in door.number 1
    It cannot be door number 2 as we r next to him we would have heard voice
    Remaining 3,4,5
    Ask no 4 if he tells no he is lying because definetly he should have heard voice from 3 or 5
    Visit 3 if he’s there you have saw him if not he’s in 5
    Only 2 doors opened and we got victim

    Atharv_wakhare Guru Answered on 24th March 2020.
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