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  • The surgeon is a woman , son’s mother.

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  • 8 coins on scales (four and four), 5 aside.

    1. Scales are balanced – coin is on the table.

    2. Scales are not balanced – coin is on the scales.

    Ad 1. Take 3 coins from the table and put them on one scale. Put three already checked coins on the other scale.

    1.a Scales are still balanced – it is one of the two you haven’t scaled yet.

    1.b Scales are not balanced – it is one of the three being scaled for the first time.

    Ad 2. The different coin is among 8 coins already scaled. Take any two coins off the even arm balance and move any three coins from one scale to the other one. For the scaling to have sense you need to add checked coins (the ones from the table) so that there is the same number of coins on both scales.

    2.a Scales are balanced – its one of the coins taken off the balance before this scaling.

    2.b The different side than before goes down – its one of the three you moved.

    2.c Scales stay the same as they were after last scaling – it is one of the three you didn’t move.

    Ad 1a + 2.a You know its one of two coins. Compare one of them with a checked one – scales stay balanced or not.

    Ad 1.b + 2.b + 2.c You know its one of three coins. They are now on the balance which is tipped to one side. Move one of the coins to the other scale leave one where it is and take off the third one. Add checked ones so that there is the same number of coins on scales. Balance either tips over to the other side it becomes balanced or it stays the same…

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  • Three coins on the left; three on the right; three aside. Left side goes down right side goes down or scales stay balanced. Now you know within which three coins the fake one is.

    Now there are three coins – one left one right one aside…

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  • If there is only one pirate left its easy – he takes it all.

    If there are only two youngest pirates left on the boat the older one dies every time because the youngest just says no kills the older guy and takes the loot.

    It means that if there are three pirates left on the boat the second youngest will agree with the oldest guy no matter what to save his own life. It means that the oldest pirate takes all gold.

    What if there are 4 pirates? The second oldest will never agree with dividing because he is next and if it gets to him he takes everything. It’s necessary to pay the two youngest pirates. They wouldn’t get anything is the fourth one was to be killed so he needs to give just one gold coin to each.

    Finally 5 pirates. The oldest pirate needs two votes. He will hardly convince the second oldest as he would have to give him more than 98 gold coins. On the other hand it’s easy to pay the third guy as he wouldn’t get a single coin if the fourth pirate was to divide. He needs to give him just one coin. Two youngest guys would get one gold coin each in next step. So he can just give two gold coins to one of them.

    Oldest: 97 second oldest: 0 third: 1 one of the two youngest 2 the other 0 according to the oldest pirates will.

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  • Let’s make the puzzle a little easier first: let’s say it’s enough if all coins are the same side up. It doesn’t matter if heads or tails.

    If all coins are turned same side up we are done.

    Wiseman will assume that two coins are heads up and two coins are tails up.

    He turns two coins in opposite corners. If his assumption was correct and two same side up turned coins were not next to each other (were across from each other) warlock will end the game now.

    If it did not happen wise man will not give up his assumption about two + two coins yet. If two coins weren’t across from each other they have to be next to each other (the previous turn didn’t change it).

    Wiseman will turn two random coins placed next to each other which should (if the 2+2 assumption is correct) either end the game or the coins will be across from each other. If it didn’t end the game wise man will simply turn the coins in opposite corners and that should end the game.

    Game is still not over? It seems that wise man’s assumption about two and two coins was wrong. It means that one coin is facing up different side than others. Now it’s easy. Wiseman turns any coin. Now they are either all the same or two and two.

    It means that wise man will repeat what was described above. Now he is sure that there is heads on two coins and tails on the other two.

    Let’s get back to the original puzzle. It is a bit more complicated but just a little bit. Wiseman does the same as described above only his every other turn will be turning all four coins.

    I hope I explained it clearly enough.

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  • Lock the item in the box and send it to your friend. He ads his padlock on the box and sends it back to you. Take off your padlock and send it to your friend –now he only removes his padlock and box is opened…

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  • Fireman and friend out…….2 min.

    Fireman back……………..1 min

    Drunk and old one out….5 min

    Good-shaped friend back……….2 min

    Fireman and friend out….2min

    Two best friends are running out of the door and the house goes off…:)

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  • When you light a rope from both ends it burns in half an hour.

    You only need to light both ends of one rope and one end of the other. When the first burns out you light the second end of second rope. Half hour is burned away from that one already. The rest burns out in 15 minutes, burning from both ends.

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  • You put one coin from first bag on the scales, two coins from the second one, three form third, etc… How many grams is the scaled weight lower than it should be shows which bag has the “modified” coins inside. (If three grams are missing it means that it was the third bag)

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  • If you count a bit you see that the son is -3/4 years old. This equals -9 months and that means that dad is in bed making love to mom right now…

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