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Top 20 Hardest Puzzles and Brain Teasers

On National Puzzle Day 2018


the brightest brains out there

(29th January 2018)

Are you a problem solver? and Now you wanted to challenge yourself a bit harder?
Nice, then Get ready with all your Brainpower to solve the most difficult brain teasers and puzzles.

On National Puzzle Day, We are ready to tease your brain and to give yourself tough challenge with the collection of 20 hardest puzzles we came across-

  1. Einstein’s five-houses riddle

  2. Aeroplane around the world hard puzzle

  3. Cheryl’s Birthday puzzle

  4. 23 prisoners and two switches

  5. Cheater King’s marriage puzzle

  6. Loin and Unicorn in the Forest of Forgetfulness puzzle

  7. Royal Dinner Puzzle

  8. The worm and the rubber band

  9. Black and White Hats Puzzle

  10. Can you deduce the password from that?

  11. What did the wise man say to them?

  12. 13 Caves and a Thief Puzzle

  13. Sophie’s favorite plant puzzle

  14. Money and time relation puzzle

  15. Let’s Play Chess

  16. A Bishop And A Rook Puzzle

  17. The Matchstick Riddle

  18. Five pirates and gold coin Puzzle

  19. 25 horses 5 tracks Puzzle

  20. Find the missing amount

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