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  • Hostile members of the Uti, Grundi and Yomi groups
    were travelling to a conference. There were two members
    from each group, one finned and one feathered.
    The finned Martian was much stronger, and had to
    protect her feathered friend. Never could a feathered
    Martian be left alone with a finned Martian of another
    group. The only time a feathered Martian was safe with
    the finned Martian of another group was when the
    feathered Martian of that enemy group was also
    The trip was quiet until they came to a deep ravine.
    The only way to cross it was by swinging across on a
    rope. But the rope was only strong enough to hold two
    of them. And it wasn’t heavy enough for them to swing
    it back over the ravine without someone to weigh it
    down. How did they all cross the ravine?

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