Add 4 matchsticks to divide the square


Can you add 4 matchsticks to divide the square into 2 equal pieces-

matchstick puzzle

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    this image is solution .first it is drawn through doodle buddy app not professionally made so u understand it is not perfect drawing .i am not a artist.
    you can do other figures by overlapping matchsticks.u for example  first image middle matchstick from the added ones is actually an overlap of 2 matchsticks

    Yodha Expert Answered on 26th April 2016.
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    (Edited to include better drawings)

    Viji_Pinarayi Expert Answered on 27th April 2016.

    the answer is the first solution but with the matchsticks in the middle side by side (not one on top of the other), thus forming two separate rectangles

    on 1st March 2019.
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    It can also be done in 3-d( as dimension parameter has not been provided)

    pandabouy Guru Answered on 18th May 2016.

    But, “divide the square” is our requirement,

    Here, square is not divided into 2 pieces,


    But, yes if we’ll see from top, it’ll look like that… Nice One

    on 18th May 2016.

    Since, the figure in the question was from top view, so I thought this solution might be possible.
    Anyways, Thank you for the suggestion.

    on 19th May 2016.
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    you add 4 matchsticks in the middle   II  making two separate rectangles

    eitan99 Scholar Answered on 1st March 2019.
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