Detective Rockford Murder Puzzle


Detective Rockford was jogging near the beach at 4:30 am.
He hears a sound near the shack “No Michael, Please Do not shoot me”.
Next instance he heard the sound of gunfire. Rockford rushes to the shack where he finds women lying dead and a gun in close proximity of three “Doctore Lawyer and a Teacher”.

Rockford immediately knew that the Lawyer has committed the crime. How?

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    The doctor and teacher were women. Hence, the ‘Michael’ the dead woman had addressed prior to being shot could only be the lone man, the lawyer.

    Alternate possibility: The doctor and teacher were already known to the detective – he knew that neither of them were named ‘Michael’, so the ‘MIchael’ in question could only have been the lawyer. 

    Viji_Pinarayi Expert Answered on 14th February 2022.
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