Gold Room Puzzle

You are standing before two doors. One of the path leads to gold room and the other one leads to sack room. There are two guards, one by each door. You know one of them always tells the truth and the other always lies, but you don’t know who is the honest one and who is the liar.

You can only ask one question to one of them in order to find the way to gold room. What is the question?

vipin Scholar Asked on 26th July 2015 in Logic Puzzles.
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    Ask one gaurd what the other gaurd would say, if it was asked which room was correct. Then go through the other room.

    —Ask one gaurd what the other gaurd would say
    Positive Negative = Negative  (Truth Lie = Lie)

    —- Then go through the other room.
    And opposite of Negation = Positive (Opposite of Lie = Truth)

    Detective Expert Answered on 14th August 2015.
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