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Is it possible to arrange infinite number of integers in the form of a table
(like a chessboard), so that every integer is the average of the 8 integers surrounding it?

GeNiUs Genius Asked on 3rd September 2015 in Math Puzzles.
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    Yes it is possible

    Now suppose a is a middle number in 3 by 3 box
    since any integer can be expressed as sum of two integers with infinite possibilities .following the above steps we  can understand a can be expressed as sum of h,I,j,k,l,m,n,o .with each variable having infinite at any point we can find infinite integers which can surround a satisfying given condition.this can be used for any number in the table.we will find 8 integers which we have not used .now expanding table we will never be restricted to choose one number for the numbers surrounding the boundaries of table there will at least be a option of choosing 2 now since we have used  limited numbers till now.there will be numbers having a required sum and uncommon with numbers we have there will be no blockage in expanding our table

    Yodha Expert Answered on 4th February 2016.
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