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Ten coins have been arranged as you can see in the given picture. In this arrangement, a triangle is formed pointing upwards. You have to invert the position of the triangle and make it point downwards while changing the position of 3 coins only. Can you do it?

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    Yodha Expert Answered on 4th March 2024.
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    Move the bottom left coin and bottom right coin to the left and right of the second row (having two coins).

    With this:

      1. The second row will have four coins;


      1. The third row will remain unchanged (3 coins)


      1. Fourth row will have two coins


    i.e., the state of second and fourth rows get interchanged.

    Now move the single coin from the top to below the current fourth row (which now has 2 coins only). With this, the second row (which now has four coins) becomes the top row, the second row remains with three coins, whereas the third row has two coins and the single coin which was moved from the top now forms the fourth row having a single coin, thereby inverting the triangle.


    In the image, follow the arrows:

    Move the coin G to the left of coin B and move coin J to the right of coin C, and move coin A to the bottom, below and between the coins H and I. The final arrangement will be coins GBCJ on top row, DEF on second row (unchanged), H and I on third row and coin A alone on the bottom.



    Viji_Pinarayi Expert Answered on 5th March 2024.
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