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How many times does the long hand of the clock pass the short hand between midnight one day and midnight the following day? As both hands are together at the starting time of midnight this does not count as a pass.

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    21 times

    (Not counting the end time of midnight, as well as not counting the starting time of midnight.)

    Here are the approximate passing times observed on an analogue clock:

    01:06 AM, 02:11 AM, 03:17 AM,

    04:22 AM, 05:28 AM, 06:33 AM,

    07:39 AM, 08:44 AM, 09:50 AM,

    10:55 AM, (wait for it …) … 12:01 PM, 01:06 PM,

    02:11 PM, 03:17 PM, 04:22 PM,

    05:28 PM, 06:33 PM, 07:39 PM,

    08:44 PM, 09:50 PM, 10:55 PM

    SherlockHolmes Expert Answered on 29th December 2019.
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