Watchman and airplane crash puzzle


A man is leaving on a business trip and stops by his office on the way to the airport. The night watchman stops him and says, “Sir, don’t take that flight. I had a dream last night that your plane would crash and everyone would die!” The business man cancels his trip and sure enough, the plane crashes, killing all the passengers.
The man gives his watchman a $10,000 reward for saving his life but then fires him from job. Why?watchman and dream puzzle

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    The man fired the night watchman because he saw the Dream means he slept during the duty.So he was fired for neglecting the duty.

    dyj Expert Answered on 2nd May 2016.

    ysans. correct if the guard would not sleep and would not see the dream the business man would not get a new life

    on 4th May 2016.
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    The watchman keeps the bomb in the plane but later he tell his boss that don’t take that flight it would crash. Next day after the watchman gets reward the police arrest him and the man fires him from job.

    akruti Curious Answered on 28th May 2016.
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