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  • The question can practically disarm you. But we promise by the time you read the solution, you will find that it was way easy than you were thinking.

    Let us name the boxes with a number – Box1, Box 2…, Box10. Now you must be familiar with the weights of the balls precisely. By saying that we are not implying that you will have to take one ball from every box and judge the weight of every ball.

    What you have to do is pick one ball from Box 1, 2 balls from Box 2, 3 balls from Box 3, …., 10 balls from Box 10. Thus after taking balls from every box in such a manner, you will finally have 55 balls in total. There comes the time to use the weighing machine.

    If all the balls were weighing adequate, the combined weight should be 55 x 10 grams = 550 grams. But since one of the box has defected balls, the weight will be less than that. Here is the tricky part and explains why we took different number of balls from each box.

    If the total weight is less than 1 gram, then the defective box is the Box 1 since we took 1 ball from that box. If the Box 2 is defective, the total weight will be less than 2 grams. In similar fashion you can identify the defective box by analyzing the total weight that is calculated by the weighing machine.

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  • To solve this question, we will have to use the concept of relative speed. 

    Let us assume that the distance between the station A and B is D Miles
    The relative speed at which the train are approaching each other is 20 + 15 = 35 mph
    When the train collides with each other, the sum of the distance covered will be the distance between the stations i.e. D.
    Now Speed = Distance/Time
    Which means that the trains will collide in d/35 hours after their start

    Another constant things we have here is the speed of the vulture i.e. 25 mph.
    Thus by the time the trains collide, the vulture would have covered
    25*(D/35) miles = 5D/7 Miles

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  • If you are thinking of how to cut in such a way that you are able to make seven equal pieces, you are thinking in the wrong direction. You should give more stress on how to make the transaction with the worker. 

    You have to break the gold bar two times so you have the following sizes of the bar:

    1/7 —- Bar A
    2/7 —- Bar B
    4/7 —- Bar C

    When the day 1 ends:
    Give Bar A (You remain with Bar B and Bar C; Worker possess – Bar A)

    When the day 2 ends:
    Give Bar B and take the Bar A back (You remain with Bar A and Bar C; Worker possess – Bar B)

    When the day 3 ends:
    Give Bar A (You remain with Bar C; Worker possess – Bar A and Bar B)

    When the day 4 ends:
    Give Bar C and take back Bar A and Bar B (You remain with Bar A and Bar B; Worker possess – Bar C)

    When the day 5 ends:
    Give Bar A (You remain with Bar B; Worker possess – Bar A and Bar C)

    When the day 6 ends: 
    Give Bar B and take back Bar A (You remain with Bar A; Worker possess – Bar B and Bar C)

    When the day 7 ends: 
    Give Bar A (You remain with no bar; Worker possess – Bar A, Bar B and Bar C)

    Thus by the end of seven days, you have taken care of everything.

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  • Let us simplify the question and then it will lead us to the answer easily. There are three possibilities. Thus the probability of choosing any door is 1/3rd. 1/3 of the time the door to heaven will be chosen by Amanda and thus 1/3 of the time it will take her zero days. 1/3 of the time, the day which leads to hell for one day will be chosen and of those the right door will be chosen the next day. So 1/9 trips take one day. In the similar manner, 1/9 will take to the door which takes to 2 days hell.

    When that happens, the cases will be split again and again. Thus on average, it will take three days for Amanda to reach Heaven by choosing the right gate.

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  • Everyone will appoint any one person as a leader. Now everyone must follow some steps. Every prisoner will flip the first switch up at the first opportunity and also at the second opportunity. If the first switch is already up or they have flipped it up two times already, then they will flip the second switch. The leader however will have a different routine. He is the only one who will flip the switch down the first switch. Suppose if the switch is already down, he will flip the second switch. Also he will keep a count and when he has flipped the first switch down 44 times, he will declare that every prisoner has visited the room.

    This is because once the leader has flipped down the switch 44 times, he will know that everyone has visited the room. If the switch was down initially, the other 22 prisoners will turn it up two times. If the first switch was already up, there will be one prisoner who will flip the switch up only once and the rest will do it twice.

    Now this trick won’t work when the leader has flipped the switch 23 times. Consider the fact that it is possible that 12 prisoners randomly and the leader have been taken to the switch room 24 times and the rest have not been taken till then. Remember that the first switch might have been up in the beginning itself. Thus the prisoners must flip the switch up twice. If they do it just once, the leader will never know whether to count till 22 or 23.

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  • The old lady of course.
    After helping the old lady into the car, I give the car keys to my best friend. 
    And then i go ib the bus with child love <3

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  • Angela likes Luke, Raspberry Cheesecake ice cream, and Sky nail polish, and she wants to be a lunch lady when she grows up.
    Mandy likes Sam, Reese’s Peanut Butter ice cream, and Crimson nail polish, and she still sleeps with a blankie.
    Savannah likes Noah, Rocky Road ice cream, and Lime nail polish, and she hates Justin Bieber.
    Alyssa likes Ben, Rainbow Sherbet ice cream, and Banana nail polish, and she loves lima beans.
    Lily likes Josh, Cookie Dough ice cream, and Lavender nail polish, and she is really into cars

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  • All the codes can be broken by arranging the 16 letters in a grid of 4*4 from left to right. The result is a phrase readable via the columns starting at the top left corner, reading down and ending at the bottom right corner

    Using the first code
    wmoa eemn cfuu orrs

    W M O A
    E E M N
    C F U U
    O R R S

    You should be able to read ……..

    The other codes read:


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  • The note said, “It was my wife!”

    The detective looked at the keypad on his phone and saw the letters next to the numbers.

    2,1 would be A
    2,2 would be B
    9,4 would be Z

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  • Expert Asked on 19th July 2015 in Puzzles.

    The message was “loose bricks in left wall.” The message was put backward with words related to time in between.

    This is how the message looks when separated:
    ll watch awtfe clock lnisk sundial cirbe timer sool

    If you take out watch, clock, sundial, and timer, this is what is left:

    Look at this backwards and this is what you have:
    loose bricks in left wall

    Auntie Bellum took out the bricks and escaped in the night. Then, she put the bricks back where they were.

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