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What is the maximum number of pieces of cake you can get with four cuts?


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    the max number of pieces by 4 cuts is 16

    KanwalMajeed Starter Answered on 14th April 2016.


    on 14th April 2016.

    round cake…with 2 cuts  1 from east to west and 2nd from north to south.. (4) piecs
    place the pieces in row like like in east to west direction join 2nd piece head with 1st piece tail then join 3rd piece head with 2nd tail so on ….and cut them east to west direction (8)

    re-arrange the pieces in north to south direct in a form of row head of all in east direction and tail in west… place them close to each other…. cut them in north to south direction… (16)


    on 14th April 2016.
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    14 is the max I can think for know .i will think about more later

    Yodha Expert Answered on 13th April 2016.
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    As of now, I am just considering cutting the cake as same as cutting the circle.

    For 1 – max 2
    2 – max 4
    3 – max 7
    4 – max 11
    5 – max 16

    So, we will get 11 maximum pieces for 4 vertical cut.

    Prashanth Prashanth Scholar Answered on 18th April 2016.
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    the maximum pieces should be 16. because we know that from 3 cut we get the maximum 8 pieces and after that we put all the pieces one after the other i.e above of one piece, then we get 16 pieces by one single cut from he above..

    suraj Guru Answered on 29th May 2016.
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