Disney’s Heroes, Villians, and Sidekicks


Here’s something a little different – a themed puzzle about Walt Disney. So come on all you Disney fans (and all you parents with kids!), put your thinking caps on and give this one a try!

Using the clues given, fill in the grid boxes with the answers. In the grid, each horizontal row is one clue and the clues should be entered from the top down. So the first horizontal row goes with clue 1, the second horizontal row goes with clue 2, etc. When the grid is complete, read the highlighted boxes from top to bottom for the hidden message.

HINTS: The clues all refer to characters in Disney animated movie features. Some of the clues are one word, some are two. Don’t leave spaces between the words when entering a two word answer.

  1. She bit into a poisonous apple
  2. She sang “I want more than this provincial life.”
  3. He was a “diamond in the rough”
  4. He wanted to capture the apes to sell to the circus
  5. He was seeking the shepherds journal
  6. She entered the army to protect her father and gained honor for herself when she defeated the enemy
  7. The whale swallowed him whole
  8. He liked to decorate with antlers and eat a dozen eggs every day
  9. This household servant had a son named Chip
  10. He lived in Never Never Land
  11. He said “and as I always say – if it’s not baroque than don’t fix it…..”
  12. She came to the jungle to study the apes and decided to stay
  13. This pious clergyman was no friend to gyspies or his adopted son
  14. She pricked her finger on a spinning needle on her 16th birthday
  15. This princess felt trapped and wanted to see the world
  16. She blew up the balloon to stop Commander Rourke from getting away
  17. Before his 21st birthday he needed loves first kiss or the spell would last forever
  18. This girl’s adventure had her pretending to be a mother to the lost boys
  19. An advisor who wanted to be both king and an all powerful sorcerer
  20. He and his adopted family barely escaped the island before the meteor struck
  21. He rang the church bells and wanted to have friends
  22. She sprinkled pixie dust
  23. This gypsy girl fell in love with the captain of the guard
  24. He broke through The Great Wall and wanted to rule China
  25. He sang “Be our guest. Be our guest. Put our sevice to the test.”
  26. He said “Awesome living quarters, tiny living space”
  27. She sang “In my past I’ve been a nasty, they weren’t kidding when they called me wella witch”
  28. This crusty oldster was watching over his sister and bringing the herd to a safer place
  29. She spoke the magic words to change herself into a dragon
  30. She liked the newcomer to the herd, he was kind to others and very different from her brother
  31. She was heir to the kingdom and over 8000 years old
  32. He wanted to be a real guardian of the ancestral spirits, instead of the gong ringer.
  33. This creature, who liked to write symphonies, was told to watch over a young girl by his king
  34. She wanted to walk on the beach, not swim in the sea
  35. This boy was raised by apes after a tiger killed his parents
  36. He said “I want to be a real boy”
  37. This fierce pirate was afraid of crocodiles

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