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Three sisters are identical triplets. The oldest by minutes is Aliza, and Aliza always tells anyone the truth. The next oldest is Benedicta, and Benedicta always will tell anyone a lie. Cerena is the youngest of the three. She sometimes lies and sometimes tells the truth.

John, an old friend of the family’s, came over one day and as usual he didn’t know who was who, so he asked each of them one question.

John asked the sister that was sitting on the left, “Which sister is in the middle of you three?” and the answer he received was, “Oh, that’s Aliza.”

John then asked the sister in the middle, “What is your name?” The response given was, “I’m Cerena.”

John turned to the sister on the right, then asked, “Who is that in the middle?” The sister then replied, “She is Benedicta.”

This confused John; he had asked the same question three times and received three different answers.

Who was who?

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    Cerena – Benedicta – Aliza

    The middle sister can’t be Aliza because she would say “I am Aliza”
    The left sister can’t be Aliza because the wouldn’t say that the middle sister was Aliza.
    So Aliza is the right sister.
    That also means that the middle sister is Benedicta because Aliza said so.
    And that leaves the left sister which can only be Cerena

    CugelTheWise Expert Answered on 13th December 2018.
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    three different replies so 2 are lying as 1 have to be true first one is lying as there cannot be 2 truths as if she is true then middle also speaks truth so middle one is not Aliza as first one is lying so last is Aliza so middle one is benedecta and first is cerena

    Yodha Expert Answered on 13th December 2018.
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