Difference between minute and hour hands.


If the difference  between hour and minute hand is 6 minutes then after how much time the difference will be 7 minutes?

Akhila Curious Asked on 14th September 2015 in Puzzles.
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    An hour hand moves 1/2 degree in each min, and min hand moves 6 degree in each min. So there will be a net increase of 5.5 degrees between the hands in 1 min.
    According to the question, there must be a net increase of 6 degrees between the hands.
    This would happen after 12/11 minutes.

    Answer: 12/11 minutes, that is about 1.09 min or 65.45 seconds.

    GeNiUs Genius Answered on 15th September 2015.
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    12/11 minutes

    vikas Curious Answered on 16th September 2015.

    Which comes out to be 1.09 minutes

    on 17th September 2015.
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