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Long ago, in a village somewhere in the Indian subcontinent there lived a poor farmer with his young daughter. life was hard and it was getting harder due to the debts and bad  harvest. a money-lender used to give loans to the farmer, which were never paid back by him. so, the money-lender has an offer for the farmer:
“If your daughter marries me, I will clear all your debts and give you back all your land in my possesion”.
“NO WAY”,said the daughter. whole village knew how cruel this clever old bastard was, they had heard of many girls who were victims of his cruelity.
“let’s play a game then.”,said the money-lender. “I have with me a bag filled with black and white pebbles. the girl takes out a pebble from the bag, not looking into it. if it’s white, the girl and farmer is free from my claws .but if , it’s black, you have to as I say.”
they have no choice but to play this. the girl, is brilliant and sharp, notices that the money-lender’s bag has only black pebbles.the venue was the middle of a road from where the pebbles were collected. the result, as I know, the poor family were free from old-fool’s treachery. How was she able to get away with it?

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    she took one pebble and threw it away .now since according to everyone what she chose must be opposite of the one in the bag. so boom………………
    harder puzzle next time please
    i have seen and solved this puzzle on other puzzle is old puzzle.i mistakenly made an assumption earlier. I  Appologise .Thank you 

    Yodha Expert Answered on 5th May 2016.

    Good one!

    on 5th May 2016.

    This “solution” has a problem: It seems that the person who gave this solution had seen a similar puzzle somewhere else, and has, apparently unknowingly, made an assumption that the money-lender’s bag contains only TWO pebbles, whereas there is no such statement in the puzzle text. As per the puzzle, the lender had said “I have with me a bag filled with black and white pebbles...” Unless the bag is so small that it can hold only two pebbles, there can be ‘n’ number of pebbles from which the girl has to select one, effectively leaving the proposed solution insufficient.

    on 6th May 2016.

    @viji- even If the bag has any number of black and white pebble after throwing one pebble away, bag is left with all the black pebble only, that means the only white pebble present in the bag was picked by girl.

    on 6th May 2016.

    That’s right, Detective…! What I had tried was to point out the assumption Yodha had made in his original statement of answer. (However, the assumption doesn’t make any difference to the answer.)

    on 8th May 2016.
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    She will pick one pebble out and throw it in such a manner that it cant be find.

    So, They will look at the pebble available in the bag. That would be BLACK for sure, and
    hence, she must have taken out the opposite color pebble, that means white color pebble.

    So, She is free 🙂

    SherlockHolmes Expert Answered on 5th May 2016.
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    She would have already picked up a white pebble, secretly. She’ll hide it in her hand. Then she’ll dip her hand in the bag, take her hand out. She’ll be holding a white pebble. (sleight of hand)

    GeNiUs Genius Answered on 6th May 2016.
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