How Is It Possible ???


Donald lived in a rural area with his wife. On a certain night, his wife complained of severe pain. He hurriedly called the doctor and told him that his wife might be having appendicitis.

The doctor was surprised. This was because he had himself taken out his wife’s appendix about three years ago.

When diagnosed, Donald’s wife was came up with positive reports of appendicitis. Can you explain how that is possible ?

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    He had married a different woman for whatever reason.

    Jerry Scholar Answered on 24th December 2015.
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    The doctor had taken out his own wife’s appendix 3 years ago. Donald is also a doctor. The doctor Donald called is surprised that Donald will not take out the appendix of his (Donald’s) wife himself.

    Ciaobella2 Curious Answered on 20th November 2016.
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