How many marbles are there under each mug?

There are 4 mugs placed upturned on the table. Each mug have the same number of marbles and a statement about the number of marbles in it.

The statements are:
1. Two or Three,
2. One or Four,
3. Three or One,
4. One or Two.

Only one of the statement is correct. How many marbles are there under each mug?

ans is 4

on 12th September 2015.
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    There are 4 marbles under each mug.

    As it is given that only one of the four statement is correct, the correct number can not appear in more than one statement.
    If it appears in more than one statement, then more than one statement will be correct.

    Hence, there are 4 marbles under each mug.
    MrPuzzleFry Genius Answered on 8th September 2015.
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