How to marry the princess

A wise king devised a contest to see who would receive the Princess’ hand in marriage. The Princess was put in a 50 x 50 foot carpeted room.
Each of her four suitors were put in one corner of the room with a small box to stand on. The first one to touch the Princess’ hand would be the winner and become the new King.

The rules were, the contestants could not-

  • Walk over the carpet,
  • Cross the plane of the carpet, or
  • Hang from anything
  • Nor could they use anything but their body and wits (i.e. no magic, telepathy, nor any items such as ladders, block and tackles etc).

One suitor figured out a way and married the Princess and became the new King.
What did he do?


SherlockHolmes Expert Asked on 2nd December 2015 in Logic Puzzles.
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    It’s only the suitors who are bound by the movement restrictions, not the princess. So, a suitor can ask the princess┬áher hand. ­čÖé

    Viji_Pinarayi Expert Answered on 3rd December 2015.
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    The suitor ran over the carpet. It says you are not allowed to “walk”.

    mehuls_45 Scholar Answered on 25th December 2015.

    That won’t do… Because Condition No. 2 says he can’t ┬á“Cross the plane of the carpet” (by any┬ámeans, which includes running, jumping… etc.)

    on 29th December 2015.
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