Lost in Space


A spaceship is traveling through the vast expanse of the cosmos. Onboard are five astronauts: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, and Epsilon. Suddenly, their navigation system malfunctions, and they find themselves lost in space, unable to determine their location.

To figure out where they are, they need to solve a series of clues based on celestial bodies and astronomical phenomena.

The first clue comes from the stars. Alpha notices a constellation that resembles a triangle and a circle. Beta recalls that they passed a planet with rings earlier on their journey.

Clue: “The third letter of the third word in the name of the planet we passed is the key.”

Gamma remembers seeing a comet with a distinctive tail, pointing in the direction they were traveling.

Clue: “The number of letters in the comet’s name is the code.”

Delta spots a nebula glowing brightly nearby.

Clue: “The Roman numeral representation of the number of colors visible in the nebula is the next digit.”

Epsilon recalls reading about a distant galaxy known for its spiral shape.

Clue: “The number of arms in the spiral galaxy is the final piece of the puzzle.”

Using these clues, can you help the astronauts decipher their location and find their way back home?

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