Lying World war story riddle


Two friends Smith and Andrew were talking about bravery of their families.
Smith told great stories about his courageous grandfather who fought for Britain in “World War I”.
Andrew told that his grandfather is so brave that in 1919 just after the war he was honored with a bravery medal with words “For our Courageous Soldiers In World War I” embedded into it.

Smith Knows that his friend is lying? How ?world-war-lying-puzzle

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    When world war I happened it was known as ‘World war’.It become World War I only after World War II happened in 1939.So if Andrew’s father was awarded wit bravery medal it should contain words “For our courageous Soldiers in World War” not  “World War I “.So Smith understood that he was lying

    dyj Expert Answered on 26th September 2016.
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    i guess
    how would they know there gonna be sequel to it otherwise they would have written world war and not world war 1.

    the other proof is that words were not these on medals given to recipients.
    third why would it be soldiers when it is given to just one  .why plural .

    Yodha Expert Answered on 26th September 2016.
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