Number of days worked


A man persuaded Weary Willie, with some difficulty, to try to work on a
job for thirty days at eight dollars a day, on the condition that he would forfeit
ten dollars a day for every day that he idled. At the end of the month
neither owed the other anything, which entirely convinced Willie of the folly
of labor. Can you tell just how many days’ work he put in and on how many
days he idled?

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    Weary Willie must have worked 1673 days and idled l3Y.! days. Thus the former time, at $8.00 a day, amounts to exactly the same as the latter at $10.00

    John123 Expert Answered on 28th July 2015.
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    Does he get paid the $8 regardless of whether or not he idles that day? That makes a difference in the answer

    kjscola Curious Answered on 27th August 2017.
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