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A soda company makes different flavours of soda. Last year, the company produced the same number of bottles of each flavour. If the company produced 84,958bottles of sodain all last year.

how many different flavours could the company make?

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    Theoretically, the company could have produced 84,958 flavours of soda…! Since the puzzle says the company produced “84,958 bottles” and “same number of bottles of each flavour” (with no other condition / restriction whatsoever on the number of bottles or flavours), it is possible that each bottle the company produced was of its own unique flavour, thus making 84,958 bottles of as many flavours (No. of bottles of each flavour = 1). Practical / commercial feasibility and / or any other considerations are beyond the scope of the puzzle.

    Viji_Pinarayi Expert Answered on 13th December 2017.
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    The company can produce 84958 bottles of different flavours as they have to produce soda of different flavours equally so 1 bottle of each different flavour

    Atharv_wakhare Guru Answered on 25th March 2020.
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