The Search for Doman


This was astronaut Jose Perez’s fourth visit to Mars
and he had learned to speak Martian. He wanted to
find his Martian friend Doman, but in order to locate
him he had to know what group Doman belonged to.
The three groups in the area were: Uti, Yomi, and
The Uti always told the truth.
The Yomi always lied.
The Grundi sometimes told the truth but sometimes
Perez needed information. Three Martians, Aken, Bal
and Cwos, each of whom belonged to a different group,
agreed to help him. He asked each one of them two
questions: What group do you belong to? What group
does Doman belong to?
1. Aken said:
I am not a Uti.
Doman is a Yomi.
2. Bal said:
I am not a Yomi.
Doman is a Grundi.
3. Cwos said:
I am not a Grundi.
Doman is a Uti.
What group does Doman belong to?

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    1. Aken said he was not a Uti. If he were a Uti, he couldn’t
    say he was not one since Uti always tell the truth. So he
    is definitely not a Uti. If he were a Yomi he couldn’t say
    he was not a Uti since that would be the truth and the
    Yomi always lie. So he cannot be a Yomi. Therefore,
    Aken is a Grundi who sometimes tells the truth and
    sometimes lies. And so we still don’t know what group
    Doman belongs to.
    2. Bal said he was not a Yomi. But is he a lying Yomi or a
    truth-telling Uti? We don’t know yet.
    3. Cwos said he was not a Grundi. Since each of the three
    Martians belongs to a different group, and we already
    know that Aken is the only Grundi among them, Cwos
    must be telling the truth. Therefore Cwos is a Uti.
    4. It follows that Bal must be a Yomi, because he lied by
    denying that he is a Yomi.
    5. Since Cwos is the truth-teller, Doman must be a Uti
    because Cwos said he is.

    rahul Guru Answered on 17th July 2015.
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