Theives and police get across river puzzle


Three Theives (Aldo, Baldo and Caldo) are arrested by three different policemen (Xiao, Yiao and Ziao) standing on the shore.
No Policemen trusts their arrested Theif to be near any other policemen unless they are also with them.

There is a boat that can hold a maximum of two persons.

How can the six people get across the river?



  1. On the other side of the shore, theif is kept in the prision, So, can’t escape.
  2. Theif can not escape from the boat if sent alone.
  3. Starting Point, Boat and End point are the three different platforms, at a particular time Theif and other Policeman cannot be on same platform. e.g. – A and X can not be in boat.

police theif boat puzzle

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    the question is quite incomplete.
    I am assuming that a thief is allowed to use the boat all by himself(i.e. without any policeman).

    First,  X and his prisoner A go across.
    X returns.
    Y and his prisoner B go across.
    A returns.
    X and A go across.
    B returns.
    Z and C go across.
    Y returns.
    Y and B go across.
    Thus they are all across the river.

    Though it is highly likely that the prisoner would escape when left alone across the river or in the boat!!

    GeNiUs Genius Answered on 15th November 2015.

    First,  X and his prisoner A go across.
    X returns.
    Y and his prisoner B go across.
    A returns.

    —–A is with other policeman Y—-

    on 16th November 2015.

    Rephrase the question to clear all the ambiguities, or give the solution!!

    on 4th December 2015.
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    first X & A go – return X
    then B & C go – return C
    then X & Y go – return Y & B
    then Y & Z go – return A
    then A & B go – return B
    then B & C go – FINISH

    sarthink Curious Answered on 22nd November 2015.

    it is highly unlikely that two prisoners will be given a boat for themselves.

    on 4th December 2015.

    Additional clarification is given.

    on 7th December 2015.
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    question needs more clarity. A and X goes, then X returns.(if he doesn’t escape),
    B and C goes, then C returns,
    X and Y goes, then Y and B returns,
    Y and Z goes, then A returns,
    A and B goes, then B returns,
    Band C goes. thus they returns.

    mvkiran128 Guru Answered on 22nd November 2015.

    Additional clarification of puzzle is given above.

    on 7th December 2015.
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    This question seems incomplete or incorrect.

    Anyhow my answer is:

    first X & A go –  X returns
    then Y & B go – Y returns
    then Z & C go – Z returns
    X & Y go – X returns
    X & Z go.

    Please clarify.

    satputetushar Curious Answered on 5th January 2016.
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