Two men are facing each other and clock on the wall puzzle


Two men are facing each other alone in a large room. There is a clock on the wall.
One man, who thinks of himself as a prophet, says to the other, “In five minutes you’ll be stabbed in the back.”
The other man is very distraught and stares at the clock. After five minutes he is stabbed in the back.

What happened?

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    The clock need not be behind the stabbed man. Further, as per the question, he “stares at the clock“. ‘Staring’ at something would be a tough task when the object is behind you.

    So, he stared at the clock, kept staring, and, with every minute and every second passing by, he got more and more anxious and tense, and just as the 5-min deadline was reaching, he could no more suppress his anxiety and turned back to see whether someone is sneaking up behind him to stab him. At that very moment, the other man (who made the ‘prediction’) stabbed him.

    Viji_Pinarayi Expert Answered on 26th September 2016.
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    I think the clock is in opposite direction to that the stabbed man was facing.
    when after 5 minutes he turned to clock another person who predicted, stabbed him.
    plz correct if I am wrong.

    neelz Curious Answered on 24th September 2016.
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    When the first man says ‘in 5 min you will be stabbed in the back’
    The clock must be in The back of second man , out of curiosity he turned to check the time and the first man stabbed him in the back.

    Detective Expert Answered on 25th September 2016.
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