Who is alive and who is dead riddle


Fred, Bob and John stumble across a magic lamp. A genie pops out and grants them each the opportunity to make a wish.
Fred goes first, “I wish I could be forever alive.”
Bob goes next, “I wish the word ‘alive’ actually meant ‘dead'”.
John goes last, “I wish Bob and Fred were dead…” After all is said and done,

who of the three is alive and who is dead?

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    Bob and Fred would be dead as the meaning of DEAD still remains the same and the wish of John will kill the other two.

    npm Starter Answered on 15th August 2017.
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    Alive = Dead     so it is also possible that Dead  = Alive

    1. Fred will be alive
    2. then Fred will be dead after bob wish.
    3. Then Fred and bob will be alive after john wish as dead means alive now.

    So Finally all three are alive.

    anicodes Guru Answered on 22nd September 2017.
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    Fred and bob are alive and john is dead

    because john said i wish Fred and Bob are dead means john is alive

    And bob said i wish the word alive means dead

    so Fred and bob are alive and john is dead
    as the word alive now means dead and dead now means alive

    YashAshmit Scholar Answered on 9th June 2020.
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