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  • Four Martians from different groups, the Uti,
    Grundi, Yomi and Rafi, gathered for an intraplanetary
    conference to discuss the problem of the visiting Earthlings.
    As was appropriate for diplomatic envoys, all
    were beautifully feathered in different colors, one red,
    one green, one blue and the fourth brown. Their names
    were Aken, Bal, Mun and Wora.
    1. Before the meeting, the Uti had a pleasant breakfast
    with Mun.
    2. After debating with the Martians in the blue and
    the brown feathers, Bal and the Yomi were so angry
    that they tore a wingful of feathers out of them
    before they were stopped.
    3. Wora and the Rafi, however, agreed with the diplomat
    with brown feathers, though they disagreed
    with the red-feathered Grundi.
    Who is the blue-feathered diplomat and to what
    group does he or she belong?

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  • Kim Jones, Jan Robinson and Pat Smith are the officers
    of the spaceship. They serve as the craft’s pilot,
    engineer and biochemist, though not necessarily in that
    order. Because they have difficulty with Martian names,
    they nickname the three Martians who work with them
    Jones, Smith and Robinson.
    1. Robinson is a Yomi.
    2. Jones doesn’t speak any language other than
    3. Most Martian linguists are Uti.
    4. The Martian who serves as interpreter respects the
    Martian whose name is the same as the biochemist’s.
    5. The Martian whose name is the same as the biochemist
    is a Grundi.
    6. Jan Robinson beat the engineer at chess.
    Who is the pilot?

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  • Martians don’t need to develop airplanes as a means
    of moving through the air. Most feathered Martians can
    fly easily. Every few lunars, feathered Martians from
    the various groups participate in a tournament to determine
    which are the best fliers of the planet.
    This lunar, teams of two feathered Martians from
    three groups are competing:
    1. One team is from the Uti, one from the Grundi,
    and one from the Yomi.
    2. Each team is made up of one female and one male.
    3. The female participants are Xera, Wora, and Teta.
    4. The males are called Vel, Pyi, and Rir.
    5. Despite her daring feats in the air, Teta had never
    been away from home before the contest.
    6. Xera and Rir had never met before the tournament.
    7. Xera will be visiting Pyi’s group when the Yomi go
    on a special excursion to that part of the planet.
    8. Pyi admires Teta’s colorful feathers, as well as her
    ability to soar, and once watched her and her teammate
    in the territory of the Grundi.
    If the winners are members of the Uti group, what
    are the names of the best fliers?

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  • Two Martians and two Earthlings traveling together
    came to a canal. As a result of the gravity on Mars, the
    Earthlings each weighed 100 pounds and the Martians
    fifty pounds. The watercraft would hold no more than
    100 pounds. How did they all cross the canal?

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  • Jonathan Mark gathered three specimens of Martian
    plant and animal life to bring back to Earth: a garble, a
    farfel and a tsientsien. But Mark was worried. His vehicle
    for local travel was not big enough to hold more than
    himself and one specimen. Mark knew that garbles will
    eat farfels if given half a chance, and farfels will eat
    tsientsien. Garbles, however, don’t eat tsientsien, and
    tsientsien don’t eat. All the other astronauts were away
    from the ship. How could Mark transport the garble,
    the farfel and the tsientsien one at a time so that they
    would all be safe?

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  • There was trouble from the Grundi. One of them
    damaged the spaceship by hurling a rock at it. The
    astronauts couldn’t figure out what the Grundi had to
    gain by their hostile act. Was it just vandalism, done out
    of sheer spite? Or perhaps not everyone on Mars was
    happy to see the Earthlings return.
    The Martian police chief brought in five Grundi for
    questioning. Like all Grundi, they sometimes told the
    truth and sometimes lied. The suspects each made
    three statements, two of which were true and one of
    which was false. And the guilty one was revealed.
    1. Zum said:
    I am innocent.
    I have never used a rock to destroy anything.
    Tset did it.
    2. Uk said:
    I did not do the damage.
    The Earthman’s vehicle is on Grundi space.
    Yan is not my friend.
    3. Pala said:
    I am innocent.
    I never saw Yan before.
    Tset is guilty.
    4. Tset said:
    I did not throw the rock.
    Yan did it.
    Zum did not tell the truth when he said I did it.
    5. Yan said:
    I am innocent.
    Uk is guilty.
    Pala and I are old friends.
    Who was the culprit?

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  • This was astronaut Jose Perez’s fourth visit to Mars
    and he had learned to speak Martian. He wanted to
    find his Martian friend Doman, but in order to locate
    him he had to know what group Doman belonged to.
    The three groups in the area were: Uti, Yomi, and
    The Uti always told the truth.
    The Yomi always lied.
    The Grundi sometimes told the truth but sometimes
    Perez needed information. Three Martians, Aken, Bal
    and Cwos, each of whom belonged to a different group,
    agreed to help him. He asked each one of them two
    questions: What group do you belong to? What group
    does Doman belong to?
    1. Aken said:
    I am not a Uti.
    Doman is a Yomi.
    2. Bal said:
    I am not a Yomi.
    Doman is a Grundi.
    3. Cwos said:
    I am not a Grundi.
    Doman is a Uti.
    What group does Doman belong to?

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  • Four people need to cross a rickety bridge at night. Unfortunately, they have only one torch and the bridge is too dangerous to cross without one. The bridge is only strong enough to support two people at a time. Not all people take the same time to cross the bridge. Times for each person:  1 min, 2 mins, 7 mins and 10 mins. What is the shortest time needed for all four of them to cross the bridge?

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  • 100 prisoners are stuck in the prison in solitary cells. The warden of the prison got bored one day and offered them a challenge. He will put one prisoner per day, selected at random (a prisoner can be selected more than once), into a special room with a light bulb and a switch which controls the bulb. No other prisoners can see or control the light bulb. The prisoner in the special room can either turn on the bulb, turn off the bulb or do nothing. On any day, the prisoners can stop this process and say “Every prisoner has been in the special room at least once”. If that happens to be true, all the prisoners will be set free. If it is false, then all the prisoners will be executed. The prisoners are given some time to discuss and figure out a solution. How do they ensure they all go free?

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  • A certain town comprises of 100 married couples. Everyone in the town lives by the following rule: If a husband cheats on his wife, the husband is executed as soon as his wife finds out about him. All the women in the town only gossip about the husbands of other women. No woman ever tells another woman if her husband is cheating on her.  So every woman in the town knows about all the cheating husbands in the town except her own. It can also be assumed that a husband remains silent about his infidelity. One day, the mayor of the town announces to the whole town that there is at least 1 cheating husband in the town. What do you think happens?

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