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The Latest and exclusive collection of Thief Puzzles to tease your brain. Thief Puzzles helps exercising the brain and develop it to think logical and solve real world problems differenlty. PuzzleFry brings you the best Thief Puzzles, you'll enjoy wide range of Thief Puzzles, Lets try few Thief Puzzles listed below -
  • On Sunday evening Jacob walked into his study room. He wanted to put a piece of jewellery, which he took out of the safe an hour before, back into the safe. He noticed that the safe had been cracked open and he called the police immediately.
    When the police interrogated the staff on their activities during the hour in which the safe had been cracked, they gave the following alibis:

    @ the cook was preparing lunch;
    @ the gardener was pruning the hedge;
    @ the butler was fetching the mail;
    @ the maid was making the beds.

    After the police heard all the alibis, the culprit was caught immediately.

    Who was the culprit?

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  • A rather silly car thief stole, without knowing it, the car of the chief of police. The police immediately started an investigation and based on witness depositions, four suspects were arrested that were seen near the car at the time of the crime.

    Because the chief of police took the case very seriously, he decided to examine the suspects personally and use the new lie detector of the police station. Each suspect gave three statements during the examinations, which are listed below:

    Suspect A:

    “In high school, I was in the same class as suspect C.”
    “Suspect B has no driving license.”
    “The thief didn’t know that it was the car of the chief of police.”
    Suspect B:

    “Suspect C is the guilty one.”
    “Suspect A is not guilty.”
    “I never sat behind the wheel of a car.”
    Suspect C:

    “I never met suspect A until today.”
    “Suspect B is innocent.”
    “Suspect D is the guilty one.”
    Suspect D:

    “Suspect C is innocent.”
    “I didn’t do it.”
    “Suspect A is the guilty one.”
    With so many contradicting statements, the chief of police lost track. To make things worse, it appeared that the lie detector did not quite work yet as it should, because the machine only reported that exactly four of the twelve statements were true, but not which ones.

    Who is the car thief ?

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  • A thief is convicted in Mexico. He gets the death penalty. The judge allows him to say a last sentence in order to determine the way the penalty will be carried out. If the thief lies, he will be hanged, if he speaks the truth he will be beheaded.
    The thief speaks a last sentence and to everybody surprise some minutes later he is set free because the judge cannot determine his penalty.

    What did the thief said?

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