Safe theft riddle


On Sunday evening Jacob walked into his study room. He wanted to put a piece of jewellery, which he took out of the safe an hour before, back into the safe. He noticed that the safe had been cracked open and he called the police immediately.
When the police interrogated the staff on their activities during the hour in which the safe had been cracked, they gave the following alibis:

@ the cook was preparing lunch;
@ the gardener was pruning the hedge;
@ the butler was fetching the mail;
@ the maid was making the beds.

After the police heard all the alibis, the culprit was caught immediately.

Who was the culprit?

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    The butler, there is no mail on Sundays.

    Seeker008 Expert Answered on 17th October 2018.
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    There are two options.
    The butler because on a Sunday there will be no mail delivery. But it could be that he didn’t have time to fetch the mail on Saturday.
    The cook because he was preparing lunch in the evening. He should be preparing dinner. But it could be that he was preparing lunch for Monday afternoon.

    It is also strange that the gardener was pruning the hedges after 5 pm but I am no gardener.

    CugelTheWise Expert Answered on 17th October 2018.
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    The cook was the thief because the crime happened in the evening and her allaby said that she was preparing lunch

    ANChiddister Starter Answered on 18th October 2018.
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