A Man in Mexico City riddle

A man in Mexico City has 20 Peso. He spends 16 Peso on flowers, and 3 Peso on lunch (hot Burrito and coffee). He then gets on the subway which will take him 7 stops for 1 Peso. But he is forced to get off of the subway just 5 stops away from where he began.

Why is this?

SherlockHolmes Expert Asked on 29th January 2018 in Logic Puzzles.
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    Fifth stop was the last stop.

    dyj Expert Answered on 29th January 2018.
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    It was either the last stop or maintenance issues. Most likely the 1st one

    L Curious Answered on 30th January 2018.
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    that was last stop

    geeky Curious Answered on 6th February 2018.
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